Friday, June 16, 2017 - Pre-expo "Panel Discussion":

We are excited to announce that we have scheduled a panel discussion for the evening before our main event.  The panel discussion will be held at the same location as Saturday's expo.  Doors will open at 6:00 pm and close at 9:30 pm.  The panel program will start at 7:30 pm.   Come early to view exhibits by vendors.

Panel Moderator:  Christian Greer, Saint Louis Science Center, Chief Science, Education and Experience Officer

Our panelists include:

This event will be FREE to attend but tickets are required.  Due to space limitations, only 500 tickets will be issued.


Saturday, June 17, 2017 - Main Event: 

Our June 17, 2017 Solar Eclipse Expo will feature a variety of indoor and outdoor events.

Exhibits (Indoors)

Doors will open at 10:00 am on June 17, 2017 and close at 5:00 pm.   Over 50 organizations have already registered to exhibit including cities, schools, parks, libraries, associations and vendors selling the latest in astronomy equipment.  Many organizations will be showcasing their plans for the day of the eclipse. 

Main Stage (Indoors)

We look forward to your visit of our exhibits, but we offer much more.  Our "Main Stage" will feature a great lineup of local, regional and national speakers who will present on various topics related to eclipses and solar science.  Speakers will begin presenting at 11:00 am and conclude no later than 5:00 pm.  Please visit our speakers page to learn more about each speaker.


Master of Ceremonies:  Mike Roberts, Home Care Assistance of St. Louis, Client Services Director (and former meteorologist with KDSK)


Exhibitor Stage (Indoors)

Curious to hear more from exhibitors about their plans for the eclipse or from vendors about the latest equipment and view/photograph the eclipse, Sun and night sky?  Our "Exhibitors Stage" will feature presentations by a variety of speakers to get you ready for the "big day".  The schedule of "Exhibitor Stage" speakers will not be available until the day of the expo. 

Workshops (Indoors)

For more in-depth programming on a variety of topics, we are planning workshops that will typically last 60 minutes each.  Only 100 attendees will be allowed to participate in each workshop session due to space limitations.  Current workshop planned are as follows:

Activities (Both Indoors and Outdoors) - NOTE:  Scheduled activities are subject to change without notice

What's an expo without some "hands on" fun?  Our activities area will feature something for all ages. Only three words can describe what we will offer: Fun, Fun, Fun.  Examples of planned activities include:

  1. Understanding light properties through spectrometry (Indoors, hosted by Southern Illinois University Carbondale) - Ages:  MS, HS
  2. Have fun with an eclipse activity workbook (Indoors, hosted by The Big Eclipse) - Ages:  ES, MS
  3. How big is big?  How far is far? Size and scale of the Sun and Earth (Indoors, hosted by Rockwood School District) - MS, HS
  4. Sunburn:  Ultraviolet light detectors (Indoors, hosted by the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri) - Ages:  ES. MS, HS
  5. Learning to use a library telescope (Indoors, hosted by the St. Louis Astronomical Society) - Ages:  All
  6. Learn about the night sky within a mobile planetarium (Indoors, hosted by the Challenger Learning Center - St. Louis) - Ages:  All
  7. Fact or Fiction?  Come explore common misconceptions about the science of eclipses (Indoors, hosted by Parkway School District) - Ages:  ES, MS, HS
  8. How do eclipses happen?  Learn about eclipses uses yardstick models (Indoors/outdoors, hosted by Riverbend Astronomy Club/Highland High School) - Ages: ES, MS, HS
  9. Measuring light levels and temperature during an eclipse (Indoors/outdoors, hosted by Saint Louis University High School) - Ages: MS, HS
  10. Solar funnels (Indoors, walking outside to test the solar funnel if weather permits.  Hosted by the Astronomy Society of the Pacific) - Age:  MS, HS
  11. Making an eclipse viewer (Indoors, walking outside to test the viewer if weather permits, hosted by Mastodon Fair) - Age:  ES, MS, HS
  12. Outside solar viewing using H-alpha telescopes (yes, they are expensive), filters with solar filters, Sunspotters and more (Outdoors, weather permitting, hosted by the Astronomical Society of Eastern Missouri) - Ages:  ES, MS, HS

Concession Area (Indoors)

There will be so much happening at the expo, you really won't want to leave.  Thirsty?  Hungry?  No problem.  We will have a concession area available to quench your thirst and make sure you have enough energy to finish the day. 

Become a Sponsor!

If you are an organization that would like exposure to attendees of our June 17, 2017 Solar Eclipse Expo at Queeny Park, please contact us. We have many levels of sponsorship available with options to get premium placement of exhibit space. Please visit our Sponsors page to learn more...

Donate to our cause

Please consider supporting making a 501(c) 3 tax deductible donation to the St. Louis Astronomical Society to support our efforts to make this expo FREE for the public and to purchase eclipse glasses for schools.


FREE tickets, FREE parking!


Attend the expo for FREE
if you pre-register!   Parking is FREE for everyone!

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FREE eclipse glasses

FREE eclipse glasses for everyone (while supplies last).  Eclipse glasses are one method of safely viewing the partial phase of an eclipse.

FUN activities

Learn about the Sun, total solar eclipses and astronomy with FUN activities including a mobile planetarium.  Weather permitting, solar telescopes will be available to view the Sun. 

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